Going to Court.

Give yourself plenty of time to get to the court to ensure you arrive at the appointed hour, considering potential transport and parking issues. Dress smartly to show your respect for the court - no jeans or trainers. Take both parts of your driving licence with you as these may be required by the court. It is advisable that you take a photocopy of your driving licence as you may need your licence number later.

On arrival ensure you report in with the Usher. Do not leave the court for any reason without first informing the Usher. Ask the Usher for information about the Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme for you to read whilst you are waiting.

Remember courts are a public place and any case can be attended by anyone including the press.

If you are found guilty you will be fined and disqualified from driving. The magistrates will take into account your alcohol level for this offence, any previous convictions and any mitigating circumstances when deciding on your length of ban and fine.

You may be offered the opportunity to complete a Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme Course which upon successful completion may entitle you to up to a 25% reduction of your ban. The court will ask you to choose a course provider and they will send a Referral Order informing them.

Once Driver’s S.E.A.T. receives the Referral Order we aim to send you information on the courses we provide in your local area within 24 hours. Please ensure the magistrates have your correct contact details. If you have not received any information from us within 2 weeks of your court date please contact us.