Fair Processing Notice.

All personal data will be held securely and will not be shared with outside organisations without the express permission of the individual it pertains to. All personal data held by Driver's S.E.A.T. will be securely held for a maximum of 5 years after the client's date of completion (this includes card payment receipts).

  • Everyone in the group must acknowledge the need to keep all personal information confidential.
  • All course participants will be referred to by the first name only in order to maintain confidentiality (except on signing the course registers and ID check).
  • Any information shared by a group member must be considered private, kept confidential and not shared with anyone outside the group.
  • Personal information shared within the group setting must not be discussed outside of the group setting.

Confidentiality may be breached under the following circumstances only:

  • Course tutor believes a group member is driving whilst disqualified.
  • When it is believed that someone is at risk of harm from themselves or others.

If in doubt please discuss any concerns with the course tutor.